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    Dale Adams

    As the Academy Director, I oversee the New Meta Academy and its coaches. Esports and gaming have defined my career path for many years, giving me experience in almost every area of the industry. So far, I have coached over 150 students, managed globally successful esports organisations, overseen content production across all social platforms, and mentored gamers from their sofa to success. The New Meta Academy is a project that I am proud to lead, and I love seeing our students thrive and grow.

    HEAD Coach
    Oscar "Toast" Asewando

    Hey there, I’m Oscar (or “Toast”) and I have been deeply immersed in esports for over 5 years. Co-running an esports team, I’ve collaborated with top players, orchestrated big events, and helped to clinch deals up to six figures.

    What fuels me most is nurturing talent, helping rising stars shine both in competitive skill and personal brand.

    Ready to elevate your game? Let’s make esports magic happen together.

    Fortnite Coach
    Zharion Alphonzo

    I’m Zharion, one of Play New Meta Academy’s Fortnite coaches. I transitioned into Fortnite coaching after playing competitive Overwatch in student leagues for two years, and now enjoy passing on the skills I learned through gaming and esports to others.

    After studying esports in college, I am now specialising in the industry by studying international business and esports event management.

    Xander Bachrich-Mansfield

    Hi, I’m Xander, one of New Meta Academy’s newer coaches. I might be new to New Meta, but I am definitely not new to the world of esports!

    I’ve been active in the esports industry since 2017, where I began playing and coaching Overwatch professionally. Alongside this, I spent several years as a tournament organiser, worked in casting (commentating) for Counter-Strike esports tournaments, and completed an esports degree.

    Minecraft Coach
    Maciej “Magic” Kalisz

    I am the New Meta Academy Minecraft Coding coach, and I go by the name Magic. At college, I currently study Information Technology, and I plan to continue studying Computer Science at a degree level in the future.

    I started coding at the age of 10, and used those skills to begin developing and coding my own Minecraft servers. Since then, I have continued developing my coding skills and now pass what I have learned on to my students!

    "mastering the meta" writer
    Hannah Marie ZT

    I’m Hannah, and I write the newsletters that come to your inboxes sharing news about the New Meta Academy and the wider gaming/esports industry! 

    You will often see me behind the welcome bar at New Meta. 

    I also work in esports and gaming journalism, writing for publications such as Dot Esports and Esports News UK. Esports and gaming has taken me around the world, from the UK to Poland, Germany, and the USA. However, my favourite place to be is at New Meta!



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