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The New Meta Academy offers an ideal platform for young gamers between the ages of 6 and 16 to improve their skills and learn important techniques through esports. Our course-certified coaches guide children to excellence in competitive gaming while developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities.


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How it works

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How Does it Work?

Our academy channels your child’s passion for gaming into an opportunity to better their teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. With esports as our tool, we help transform your child’s gaming passion into a self-improvement journey.

‘Teams’ – cohorts of students at the same age and skill level – meet every week for 90-120 minute in-person coaching sessions. Here, they engage in team-play, game analysis, strategy discussions, drills, and competitive play.

Tournaments, Challenges, and Ranks

Ranks: Within the first 4 weeks of joining the Academy, players receive their rank (Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum – Diamond – Meta). This is a testament to both their skill level and their potential as team players, leaders, and students.

Competitions: Every 6 weeks, we run our Academy tournaments. Students put on their Play New Meta esports jersey to test and showcase what they have learned in a fun, competitive environment alongside their friends and teammates.

Contests and Ranks

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Why join

Why Join?

Competitive games develop cognitive skills, social skills, and ability to collaborate and work in a team, which are all incredibly important to your children as they learn to navigate an increasingly digital world. Through in-person training in inclusive, supportive and social community, the Play New Meta Academy gives your child space to explore their gaming passion and use video games as an outlet to improve their lives.

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The Play New Meta Esports Academy offers revolutionary programs for kids aged 6-16 to learn critical life skills through structured, live coaching in one of the world’s most popular esports titles, Fortnite. Fortnite is a complex and popular online game involving targeted aim, strategy, and the mastering of complex building mechanics. Players must work on maintaining these skills to achieve success. The game helps to build key cognitive abilities alongside its fast-paced playstyle. Fortnite's numerous benefits include the opportunities to build social interaction through cooperative gameplay and voice chat, develop skills in areas such as reflexes and problem-solving, and provide a creative outlet through its Creative Mode.

  • Teamwork
  • Cognitive skills
  • Creativity



Coding with Minecraft6+

Minecraft’s Computer Science program for kids introduces young learners to the world of programming in the engaging environment of Minecraft. By manipulating the game's elements, students grasp fundamental coding concepts, logic, and problem-solving. As they build, modify, and enhance their virtual worlds, they not only become adept at Minecraft but also lay the foundation for critical computer science skills. This immersive course offers a fun and interactive way to cultivate computational thinking for the next generation.

  • Coding
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity

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Coding with Minecraft6+

Coding with Minecraft


Here’s what parents say about our academy, their experiences, and why they think Play New Meta Esports Academy will be crucial to their child’s development both as gamers and as future adults:

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If you couldn't find the course that fits your child's current gaming interest, we welcome you to make a suggestion down below. You'll hear from us should we add the game of your choice in the future!

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