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Ready to level up your summer?

Ready to level up your summer?

Learn about game development, build your coding skills, and discover the world of esports in an unforgettable experience at Play New Meta Academy.


9 - 11
years old


2-5 day bootcamps
July to August


9.30am to 3pm

(early drop-off from 8.30am)


From £199


116H Upper St

London N1 1QP


Through an exciting blend of graphic design, programming, and hands-on gaming experience, we provide a deep understanding of game development.

Students will use Scratch to build and deploy games as well as learn how to use Pixlr for graphic design and a combination of Midjourney and ChatGPT to experience how latest AI technology can support and streamline modern game development process.

Our methodology goes beyond what you can find in any school curriculum, staying ahead of global educational standards and trends to provide a fresh, engaging approach to learning.



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We are based at Play New Meta, a gaming arena in Angel Islington.

116H Upper Street, N1 1QP. 


  1. Build and Showcase  your first game!
  2. Learn all fundamentals of Key Stage 2 in just one week 
  3. Master practical application of AI to bring ideas to life
  4. Learn and Apply essential principles of UX/UI and graphic design for character and world development
  5. Learn from professional coaches about the world of gaming and esports

Learning outcomes

Camp Schedule

Here’s a sample of what a week in this course could look like. Please remember that students may progress at different rates, and we uniquely tailor our approach to each group, reserving the right to adjust the program to ensure children feel comfortable and engaged.

We provide a lunch break from 13:00 to 13:30, allowing children to replenish with snacks brought from home and enjoy outdoor time, weather permitting.

Graphic Design

9:30 - 11:15

Day 1

Character Design

Working in raster graphics editor, learning basic selection and modification tools.

Day 2

with References

Image sourcing online, graphic editing, background removal.

Day 3

Art Styles with AI (Pt.1)

Using AI to generate environment.

Day 4

Art Styles with AI (Pt.2)

Using AI to generate turnaround of character.

Day 5

Magic of Creativity (Pt.1)

Development of a personal project, using all acquired knowledge


11:30 - 13:00

Day 1

Creating first game

Using events, conditions and loops. Acquiring fundamental knowledge about scenes, sprites and algorithms.

Day 2

Single-player game featuring character control mechanics

Navigating geometry: angles and coordinates exploration. Randomness and using of random events.

Day 3


Variables for score tracking, timer creation and managing life counts.

Day 4

Development of a two-player game

Exploring power of clones in Scratch.

Day 5

Magic of Creativity (Pt.2)

Development of a personal project continued


13:30 - 15:00

Day 1

Introduction to Minecraft

Part 1: Guess the Sprite
Part 2: Minecraft free play to prepare to fight the Ender Dragon.

Day 2


House Building Competition

Day 3


Part 1: Mining Simulator
Part 2: Team-based Ender Dragon battle

Day 4

Advanced Minecraft 1

Part 1: Agent Mechanics
Part 2: How to use the Builder

Day 5

Advanced Minecraft 2

Part 1: Learning how Redstone alters the Minecraft world and what it can do
Part 2: Learning what add-ons can do and how

Why our camp?

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Highly Qualified

An In-person course with
cutting-edge equipment

Unique blend of game development, AI and esports

Comprehensive and unique
learning program

Learn, Build and Present
your Project

Social and fun environment
to make friends

Meet your Teachers

Course Author and Instructor

Maryna Hladkykh

Maryna is highly-qualified Computer science teacher from Ukraine. A founder of //magic school, an in-person programming school based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Maryna has spent the last 10 years teaching kids programming at the highest level, she specializes in preparing students to compete in both national and international competitions, including IOI and ICPC. 

Maryna is the author of a proprietary educational methodology in Computer Science, which has been effectively integrated into nationally top-ranked public and private schools in Ukraine.

Maryna is a Bachelor in Computer Science with Master’s in Secondary Education

Minecraft Coding Coach

Maciej “Magic” Kalisz

Maciej is Play New Meta Academy Minecraft Coding coach. At college, Maciej is studying Information Technology, and plans to continue studying Computer Science at a degree level in the future.

Maciej started coding at the age of 10, and used those skills to begin developing and coding his own Minecraft servers. Since then, he has continued developing his coding skills and is now passionate about passing what he’s learned on to his students!


We are based at New Meta Gaming Arena, a unique hub for all things related to gaming. You can find us Here

No, your child does not need to bring their own device. Our location is equipped with the latest computers that provide more than enough resources for the activities (INTEL I5-12400 2.5GHz & NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, 144Hz Monitors, top of the line Cherry XTRFY peripherals)

We aim for a class size of 7-10 children to ensure that each child receives sufficient time and attention, while also providing enough peers to facilitate teamwork skill development.

No, this course is designed for beginner to advanced students. Our curriculum is ingeniously designed so that concepts from each day integrate into the next, gradually enhancing complexity while ensuring a captivating learning journey.

Yes, that’s possible starting from Monday. Unfortunately, joining mid-week isn’t feasible since each day’s tasks build upon the knowledge from previous sessions

At this age, even a one-year difference can significantly impact how a child absorbs material. Therefore, we don’t recommend enrolling children younger than the specified age. However, an exception may apply if your child is a passionate enthusiast of programming, and you’re confident that it’s suitable for them.

Yes, you can reschedule dates if slots are available. Please notify us as early as possible in advance.

Yes, if you notify us a month in advance.
Otherwise, no. If we’ve reserved a spot for you, it may mean turning away someone else. Therefore, in the event of a complete cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable.

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