Can esports positively impact your child’s development? Despite the widespread negativity directed towards gaming in the mainstream media, studies prove that esports can absolutely be beneficial to developing positive behaviours in children. In fact, a 2013 BBC article extensively reported on the benefits of video games, relaying the results of several scientific studies that demonstrated positive cause-and-effect relationships between video games and key cognitive functions, abilities, and skills.  

Video games require a vast range of cognitive skills. Team-orientated games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Apex Legends also require a high degree of communication. Through competitive video games, your kids can actively work on developing these skills with their friends in a comfortable, engaging, and competitive environment. 

What skills can your child build through esports coaching?

Cognitive Skills

Video games regularly pose cognitive challenges. For example, a game like League of Legends or Dota 2 requires you to strategise throughout the game, choosing certain items or abilities to collect depending on your strategic approach. On the other hand, a first-person shooter game (FPS) such as Fortnite often requires quick and confident decision-making under pressure. 

Additionally, all games require a degree of problem-solving. For example, gamers must decide where to land on a map to gain the best advantage, which strategy can effectively counter another, or how to navigate an obstacle in the way of success. Children can benefit greatly from being presented with these challenges and encouraged to navigate them both independently and cooperatively. 

The application of these skills extends far beyond the world of video games. For example, meeting and overcoming challenges is a great way to build confidence. Learning to approach new challenges in a familiar environment such as a favourite video game can help build the confidence necessary to overcome challenges in new, unfamiliar scenarios. 

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Social Skills and Navigating Online Relationships

It is time to dispel the myth of gaming being an isolating activity – video games have an incredible ability to connect people in striving for a common goal. Any team-orientated video game, from League of Legends to Fortnite, requires consistent communication and collaboration. Encouraging children to develop their teamwork within an engaging game makes the process of learning to work collaboratively far more exciting. 

Many parents have concerns about their children’s social skills after losing crucial opportunities to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many kids found comfort in video games during this time. Bringing them into physical spaces to continue enjoying activities that are familiar is a great way to maintain their confidence while encouraging them to socialise in a new environment. 

Practising online communication in a supervised environment is also increasingly important for children in the digital age. According to the World Economic Forum, the amount of jobs that can be worked remotely is expected to rise by 25% by 2030. Navigating online conversation and collaboration will be more vital than ever before. Gaming online can help increase familiarity with these forms of communication, and children can learn appropriate online behaviour with guidance from our coaches at the New Meta Academy.    

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Brain Development

Video games can even play a part in crucial aspects of brain development. Competitive games’ fast-paced nature helps children improve their reaction times, attention span, memory, hand-to-eye coordination, and spatial reasoning. To win a game, they must multitask, paying attention to their teammates while ensuring they stay on the ball and alert for the next action. 

Through this combination of actions, children can also develop improved cognitive flexibility. This refers to their ability to quickly and effectively switch between tasks and adjust their behaviour to different situations. 
Cognitive flexibility is a particularly crucial development stage for children between 7 and 9 years old, and it continues to improve through their teenage years. At the New Meta Academy, we cater to children from the age of 6 to 16 and support them in this journey.

How can we support you and your child to achieve your goals?

Creating a safe and supportive environment for gamers is at the heart of New Meta. Our gaming studio was founded to create a space for passionate players of all ages to develop their skills amongst friends. Now, the New Meta Academy brings kids from 6 to 16 the added encouragement, positive environment, and professional guidance to take their skills above and beyond. 

Cognitive skills, social skills, and brain development are all incredibly important to your children as they learn to navigate an increasingly digital world. We not only give your child space to explore their gaming passion, but we also find ways to help them use video games as an outlet to improve their lives. 

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