What is Esports and who Esports players are?

Esports refers to competitive video gaming where players participate in organized tournaments or leagues, often for prize money. Professional esports player is an individual who competes at the highest levels of these tournaments, often as a member of organized teams, and earn their primary or significant income from playing video games competitively.

How Players Compete and Earn

Esports players actively compete in organized video game tournaments, dedicating countless hours to practice and improve their skills. They earn money in various ways: through prize money from tournament victories, contracts and salaries from esports teams, sponsorships from brands associated with gaming, revenue from streaming their gameplay on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, and endorsements or collaborations with gaming and non-gaming companies alike.

Sounds Good but how do I start?

Now there isn’t really a secret formula to becoming a professional esports player as with most things it requires dedication, discipline and a pinch of talent. However, below we will attempt to outline some key things to focus on that aspiring gamers can use to guide them on the path to stardom:

  1. Choose Your Game (duh…)
    • Chances are you already know but you should take into consideration how popular the game is and how active is the competitive scene
    • Ultimately, you want a game that really resonates with you. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become expert in something so you are best to choose the game you can stick with
  2. Get Active in the Community Go out and meet people! Local tournaments, community nights and other events are perfect for it. The beauty of esports is that a lot of the networking happens online so get involved in forums, Discord groups and online chats that talk games and Esports. Each competitive Esports title has a rich and vibrant online community so take advantage!
  3. Find the Right Equipment Invest in quality gaming peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and headsets (and a comfortable chair that’s good for your posture!)
  4. Practice Often
    • Set a regular practice schedule, treating it with the discipline of any other sport. There are academies like the Metalions Academy which help you foster those skills in a structured environment
    • Analyze your gameplay to identify areas of improvement.
    • Use tools and resources to refine specific skills and strategies, speak, play and learn from other people, especially if they are better than you
  5. Stay up to date
    • Stay updated on patches, meta changes, and strategies.
    • Learn from losses as much as from victories.
  6. Start Small
    • Enter local tournaments or online leagues to gain experience.
    • Focus on incremental progress and set short-term goals.
    • Seek feedback and constantly adjust your approach.
  7. Join or Create a Team
    • Collaborate with players who complement your skills and share your dedication.
    • Communicate effectively, focusing on teamwork and synergy.
    • Play often but don’t forget about building positive team dynamic by hanging out in the real world!
    • If you want to learn more about how to create a team read here

Being an Esports player and competing on the big scene is an exhilarating life that’s every gamer’s dream. At the same time, it’s a brutal and competitive world so aspiring players should be aware that it is not an easy goal to achieve so you will need resilience, discipline and definitely a good bit of luck.

Best Esports players in the world start off from a young age though by submerging themselves in an environment just like the one at Metalions Academy, where players don’t just practice mechanical skills but also learn skills that are crucial in gaming and greater life, including communication, teamwork, cognitive reasoning and discipline